coming together for a better future

Are you tired of politicians that do a lot of talking and not enough listening?  As Governor, you can count on me to listen to your ideas and that starts on day one of this campaign. I'll take those ideas, foster solutions and get them done. That's what I've been doing my entire life and that's what I intend to do for you. Please join us today by submitting your ideas on how to improve your future in Iowa. You can also post them to our Facebook. I'm listening! 

Meet john on the campaign trail

I'd love to meet up with you on the campaign trail. Visit the events page for a listing of upcoming events I will be participating in!  

If you missed the Iowa Values Tour visit our Facebook and Instagram accounts for some great photos and videos from the tour. You can also read my announcement speech below to learn why I'm running to be your next Governor. 

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I have had an amazing life, from my childhood in Red Oak through service to Iowans and my country in a variety of roles. I want to use all I have learned to address the neglect that Iowa has endured and light a fire under the innovation Iowans have to offer.

I am equally blessed that my wife Jackie shares my calling to service and will bring her extensive experience as a teacher,  a top aide to Michelle Obama in the White House and mom to our mission to set Iowa back on course.