Economic Justice

"I Grew up in Rural Iowa and started a business there. I KNOW WHAT SMALL TOWNS ARE UP AGAINST."

I've seen business from all angles in Iowa. In 1989 I opened a hometown restaurant and worked hard every day to make it successful in our small town.  I know that every business needs to "pencil it out" and I know that business can support a living wage and be successful. Supporting a living wage starts by our tax dollars supporting quality public employee jobs. We also need to cultivate "family-support" infrastructure like quality, affordable childcare and ongoing education for workers. 

I also know that good jobs don't just appear out of thin air. Industry need to be built from the ground up in Iowa with investments in innovation. That's why when I chaired the Iowa Utilities Commission I worked hard to bring new industry to rural Iowa by helping to convert MidAmerican Energy from a leading skeptic of renewable energy to America’s largest wind-energy provider.  Now these turbines re-power rural county economies by generating good jobs and tax revenues that flow into Iowa communities. The state could help counties capitalize on those revenues by assisting in rural business development or community improvements, much like the Vision Iowa program that used bonding to revitalize Storm Lake. 

The bottom line is a healthy, prosperous work force and healthy prosperous businesses go hand-in-hand.